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Client profile - ASSET STEM Education™ is a national education improvement nonprofit. They foster STEM fluency and college/career readiness by providing all educators of students Pre-K through career with highly effective professional development, hands-on educational materials and consulting services. Each year their programs impact more than 7,000 educators and 225,000 students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Challenge – ASSET determined a new strategy needed to be developed to generate revenue as an existing national grant was to expire. The executive team agreed to expand the geographic sales target from state wide to a national footprint. ASSET had a solid foundation in their existing sales process and a rich base of valuable existing programs and offerings. The success of this expansion plan would be achieved by repositioning existing offerings and presenting the value of each to decision makers in a solution based manner.  

Solution – It was necessary to revise the marketing/sales plan.  With a national focus, it was imperative to have an efficient sales process. Due to the sales cycle having a tight timeframe, the process is the key aspect to replicating successes at a higher volume.

Contacting the high priority targets first allowed for conversion more quickly. For example, since Asset already did business with the YWCA and Boy Scouts locally, they were high on the prospecting list for national contracts.  On a grander scale, leveraging existing relationships to gain introductions to prospective organizations enabled growth at a more rapid rate.  LinkedIn was a valuable tool for this task. 

The prospects in the new markets may face different challenges or obstacles and this would allow Asset to position themselves as experts to help overcome these with their products and services. Development of new value propositions was necessary. 

 Business results – Implementing a drip marketing process for each individual member of the membership development team netted results of over 30% higher response rate from customers and prospects. Developing value propositions for all offerings and training all customer- facing staff to utilize them effectively increased the depth and revenue in the existing customer base and more new prospects from other departments in the organization.  

“Thank you for your expertise in helping ASSET’s Development team in setting strategies and determining value propositions while they took ownership over their goals for 2015-2016 year. Not only has the team learned significant processes from you but I also have learned with them and feel very confident that the team has the ability to work collaboratively while understanding each individual strength that is brought to the group.”

Dr. Cynthia Pulkowski, Executive Director of ASSET, Inc.