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Client profile - DataBanque is the leading provider of marketing operations services to manufacturers with complex sales channels. They provide the critical back-office functions that make sure their clients’ marketing and sales programs deliver bottom-line results.

Challenge – DataBanque gains the majority of its leads from 3 key tradeshows each year. After attending and working the floor of each show they were netting 3-4 leads which rarely materialized into closed sales. No tangible ROI on their tradeshow investment.

Solution – Established a Pre-Show planning and at-show marketing process. We developed a pre-show process. This consisted of obtaining a list of exhibitors prior to the show and prioritizing them by importance. The “A” list for example, were hot prospects that had shown interest at one time, but fell off the radar. The “B” list were companies they were interested in engaging with and so on.

Then a communication strategy was created of reaching out to the desired points of contact a month prior to the show. The goal of the communication was to engage in a casual meeting during their time at the show. Correct value propositions were imperative in the success of this part of the process.

Once all of the replies were compiled, the process of planning the booth visits the days of the show became more effective as the team had a “road map” of when and where their strategic contacts would be and were able to make valuable connections.

Value proposition-based messaging was developed for each contact and for follow up emails sent to those who weren’t engaged at the show. This streamlined the day of show meetings and made more meaningful follow than “I’m sorry I missed you at the show, let’s catch up next week”

A post show follow up plan was also a crucial part of the increased results. Follow up actions were based on results from show interactions. All communications were also stored and tracked in a CRM so key follow up tasks were not forgotten.

Business results – Qualified leads increased from 3 to 17 the first year of implementing the plan. In year 2 leads netted were 26. Prospects in the funnel increased from 0 post show to 6 with 1 large contract closed. (Average sales cycle is 1 year to 18 months)

The increase in qualified leads was 567% in year 1 and 153% in year 2.

“We were going to the same trade shows every year returning with minimal opportunities. Implementing this process got us “unstuck”! We are thrilled with our results!”

Cathy Brennan, VP of Marketing for DataBanque