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Success Stories

  • Meet Brianna Casciola from Skyward Aviation.  Brianna is the Charter Sales Manager and Marketing Director for the small family company.  Learn how The Outsourced Sales Manager was able to triple Brianna's sales opportunities in just 2 months!

    Brianna Casciola - Charter Sales Manager and Marketing Director at Skyward Aviation

  • "Thanks to you I learned how to keep in touch with my customers and improve my consultative sales approach; and with your help I was able to grow sales in the biotech and government market segment 69% my first year with the company! Thank you!"

    Meghan Bickerton - Technical Sales Consultant

  • Albert Einstein once said:  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  If you are a business owner and your team is practicing this philosophy then you need to contact The Outsourced Sales Manger right away.  As a small business owner I wear many hats and at times things are very overwhelming.  Lisa worked with my team to show us that although we didn’t know it, we were doing the same thing over and over and expected to move the business forward.  With her guidance we changed our thinking and we are now on the track to growth.  

    GeorgeAnne Muchnok - President/CEO of Opticom Consulting

  • "Lisa has helped me define my sales process to be actionable and more productive.
    Lisa has a gift and ability to see where there is a disconnect between my goals and actions. With Lisa's help I have been able to target more qualified leads and gain new clients.
    2013 will be a break-out year for All Clear Translations! I highly recommend hiring Lisa to help your sales force target their efforts to produce more sales."

    Linda Richardson - President of All Clear Translations

  • "The key to success in Sales is having a process and sticking to it. Lisa can help you put an effective sales process in place for you and/or your sales team. And she can provide the coaching and mentoring needed to keep on track with it. And, if networking is part of your selling strategy, Lisa is the networking queen!!"

    Cathy Brennan - Director of Business Development at DataBanque