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Establishing a Foundation for the Sales Process

The majority of businesses have failed to establish a sales process which provides structure for them to track their sales successes, replicate those successes and increase their profits. A customized engagement plan of the outsourced sales manager in your organization may include the following:

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  • Assisting in the selection of sales representatives
  • Evaluate sales person’s skills working with prospects and customers
  • Develop and update sales goals
  • Facilitating weekly meetings with sales staff
  • Monthly communication with owner to provide status on progress
  • Establish sales tracking method or tools
  • Assist sales staff in incorporating sales tools into their process
  • Create a sales development plan and present to owner

Positive Impacts to your organization :

  • Increased confidence between sales rep and management
  • Increased communication between sales rep and management
  • Increased closed sales
  • Improved accuracy of sales data
  • Decisions being made from accurate data

Implemention of the Sales Process

Many companies may have a developed sales process, but are they really following it and is it bringing the desired results?  In many cases, everyone is too busy to be the “process manager”, they just need new sales.  The Outsourced Sales Manager will review the existing process, make suggestions for enhancements and then manage the process to achieve positive results.

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Positive Impact on your organization with the engagement of The Outsourced Sales Manager

  • Effective Sales tracking method in place and utilized
  • Increased closed sales
  • Improved accuracy of sales data
  • Consistency in the sales development plan for future sales people

Management and Documention of the Sales Process

Many organizations teeter on the edge of the cost effectiveness of hiring a fulltime sales manager.  This offering allows limited engagement of the outsourced sales manager to provide the structure and management necessary within a manageable cost model. A customized engagement of the outsourced sales manager could include:

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  • Develop, assess and update sales goals
  • Establish, manage and document sales tracking method / tool application
  • Assist sales staff in implementing sales tools into their process
  • Evaluate and provide ongoing coaching on sales person’s skills working with prospects and customers
  • Create, implement  and manage a sales development plan for each sales rep
  • Deliver a customized written Internal and External Comprehensive Sales Procedure Manual

Positive Impact on your organization :

  • Sales tracking method and tools in place and documented
  • Enhanced sales and relationship development skills of each sales person
  • A managed sales development plan for each sales person
  • A written Internal and External Comprehensive Sales Procedure Manual
  • Enhanced business valuation by having documented sales procedures

The Personal Networking Mentor

Networking is the current buzz word in the sales world.  The ability to make face-to-face connections at events has proven to be a successful way to drive sales.  Unfortunately, not many sales and marketing professionals have the skills to use this business opportunity effectively to maximize their profitability.

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If you find yourself thinking: “My sales people spend a lot of time networking, but I’m not seeing any results,” then The Outsourced Sales Manager’s innovative Personal Networking Mentor is the solution.  The Personal Networking Mentor is designed to help your sales professionals become more successful and confident at networking events.  Our mentoring system is effective because it is tailored to fit their style and meet your company’s goals.

  • An initial behavioral assessment to determine their individual networking style.
  • A strategic planning session to assess the business events which will best meet goals.
  • Outsourced Sales Manager personal networking mentor will attend events with sales staff to solidify new networking skills.
  • Follow up plans created by your mentor to review after each event
  • A wrap-up session that includes recommendations for future skill development. 

Ignite your Sales Team

Everyone needs a little help now and then to get fired up about their job. Sales people are not different! Being introduced to a new idea or a new technique can quickly reenergize a sales team. Let The Outsourced Sales Manager help with a series of lunch and learns or weekly sales meeting topics to help your sales team stay excited and at the top of their game.

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Possible topics for your next sales meeting or lunch and learn series:

  • How to help a prospect that’s gone dark see Your light
  • Remember, It’s ALL about THEM!
  • The time and place to ask for a referral

Sales Begin with Marketing! Why TOSM and GeniusMarketing.com?

Many organizations struggle to reach their financial goals. One reason this occurs is because the disciplines of marketing and sales are thought of as separate disciplines rather than as a single continuum.

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The Outsourced Sales Manager and GeniusMarketing.com have joined forces to provide integrated marketing and sales planning, strategy and implementation services. Let us map your process, so you REALLY understand how your sales happen. We can then build a reproducible process that continues to produce prospects that turn into customers.


  • mapping your current process
  • finding gaps and bottlenecks
  • creating a streamlined, effective go-to-market process


  • creating an integrated plan
  • lead generation; conversion
  • moving prospects through pipeline
  • improved closing


  • accountability; ongoing adjustments
  • managing process
  • executing tactics
  • assessment of proposed tactics
  • quarterly and annual reviews

We customize and fit the tools to your need. To learn more, check out one of our webinars (LINK) or contact us for a free one-hour consultation.

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